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Last Updated: March 19, 2015

TitlePhone NumberWebsite
1-800 Contacts, Inc.(800) 667.2998
1-800-EXCALIBUR.NET(213) 361.0151
1800FORINFO(561) 243.6968
33 Wireless, Inc(310) 861.6161
365 Wireless LLC(678) 916.0624
7G Network, Inc.(805) 657.4444
800, Inc.(858) 565.4000
800 Response Information Services LLC(802) 860.0378
a la mode inc.(405) 359.6587
ABCO Communications Inc.(877) 878.5064
Acceris Communications Partners(800) 576.7775
Acceris Solutions(800) 569.7775
Access International(805) 374.2460
Access Point, Inc.(919) 851.4838
AccessLine Communications Corp.(206) 654.9904
ACTIS, NV(721) 543.0881
Active Network(518) 368.7982
Adeptel, Inc.(407) 682.3022
Advanced Communications Integration(888) 880.0224
Advanced Communications Solutions LLC(240) 292.6632
Advanced Tel. Inc.(225) 621.4300
Advantone(866) 776.7634
Aeneas Communications, LLC(800) 470.7288
Airespring Inc(888) 899.2789
Alcazar Networks, Inc.(484) 664.2800
Alliance Group Services, Inc.(203) 221.8700
Allstream(800) 575.4662, (800) 970.7700
Amecisco, Inc.(206) 203.3985
American Data Networks(855) 328.2477
American Long Lines(856) 380.7145


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Beginning today, Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) of record are receiving notifications regarding requests to text enable their Toll-Free Numbers.

SMS/800, Inc. is currently developing a new registry to enable texting and other multimedia services for Toll-Free Numbers. Previously, we spoke to Alan Stiffler, SMS/800’s vice president of business development, about this critical initiative and the related business drivers. In this post, Alan shares his insights on how the system will work and provides more details on the introduction timeline.