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What We Do

SMS/800 provides administration and routing for all Toll-Free Numbers in North America as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. We also operate the centralized registry for top-level routing data for Toll-Free messaging and multimedia services.

Toll-Free Means Business

  • 400+ Toll-Free Service Providers
  • 20+ Network Service Control Points
  • 40+Million Toll-Free Numbers Managed

Since 1993, we have operated a secure and reliable platform serving Toll-Free Service Providers and network Service Control Points throughout U.S. and Canada. With more than 40 million numbers in service, SMS/800 is a trusted partner of businesses and telecom providers that experience the value of Toll-Free every day.


And today 6 in 10 mobile subscribers prefer text to voice when contacting a business, which is why we have expanded Toll-Free Service to include texting through our new TSS Registry.

See What Toll-Free Can Do for You

  • Support Your Brand

    Communicate the image you want. Toll-Free means business and your number can mean nationwide, trusted, or whatever you want your customers to know about you.

  • Get More from Your Marketing Dollars

    Use Toll-Free to gather marketing intelligence and track your campaign effectiveness.

  • Make Better Connections

    Get your customers to the right place and save money through sophisticated call routing based on time of day and geographic location.

Become a Trusted SMS/800 Partner

As an authorized partner of SMS/800, you can be given access to the Toll-Free Numbers database and texting and smart services tools.

Become a Toll-Free Service Provider | Become an SCP Owner/Operator | Become a Service Registrar


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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore frequently asked questions about SMS/800, the Toll-Free Industry, and becoming a Toll-Free Service Provider, Service Registrar or an SCP Owner/Operator.

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From Our Blog

We recently had a productive trip to the CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Event in Las Vegas. During our time at the conference, our team from SMS/800 joined a group of 125 people to participate in the CTIA Messaging Interoperability Working Group.

We are just over a month away from our first annual Toll-Free User Summit, and we’re delighted to announce our keynote speaker: Thomas Koulopoulos.