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As a Toll-Free Service Provider you can reserve Toll-Free Numbers, determine call routing, and provide them to your customers. The application process is easy.

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Mike Musto from 1-800-PAVEMENT
Mike Musto
U.S. Pavement Services

My biggest move and my best marketing decision came in 2005, and that’s when I acquired the phone number 1-800-PAVEMENT.

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Beginning today, Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) of record are receiving notifications regarding requests to text enable their Toll-Free Numbers.

SMS/800, Inc. is currently developing a new registry to enable texting and other multimedia services for Toll-Free Numbers. Previously, we spoke to Alan Stiffler, SMS/800’s vice president of business development, about this critical initiative and the related business drivers. In this post, Alan shares his insights on how the system will work and provides more details on the introduction timeline.