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Mike Musto from 1-800-PAVEMENT
Mike Musto
U.S. Pavement Services

My biggest move and my best marketing decision came in 2005, and that’s when I acquired the phone number 1-800-PAVEMENT.

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When it comes to solving big problems, we often need a community of passionate team players to come up with a good solution. There are a couple of events next month that will bring the best minds in telecom together to help solve some of our common challenges, such as robocalls and other forms of fraud.

Bad Traffic

We’re not talking about the DC Beltway at rush hour, Chicago’s O’Hare airport at any time of the day, or the all kazoo cover of John Barleycorn Must Die. We are talking about traffic that is sent to Toll-Free subscribers for fraudulent purposes. This practice is referred to as “traffic pumping.”